How to remove noise from car stereo?

How to remove noise from car stereo?

on October 27, 2023

It is necessary to know how to eliminate noise from the car stereo in order to have a better experience when listening to music. This situation is more common than it seems and can be super annoying and uncomfortable. 

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing this problem. It's usually something fairly simple, like bad wiring or a loose ground connection, but it can also be a damaged piece of hardware. So if you are looking to get rid of noise on your car stereo, then you are in the right place. Join us to find out how. 

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Why are my speakers noisy? 

Humming car speakers can often be fixed without replacing any components. Still, it can be time-consuming and challenging to locate the source of the problem. Many things can cause that annoying noise. However, some are more common than they seem. Here we detail the most frequent causes. 

Ground connection 

This noise is caused by the lack of ground connection and as a result, the speaker produces a static sound. Additionally, if the cable you are using is not thick enough or of good quality, the noise will be even higher.

Stereo in power reception 

Some stereos turn off when they do not have constant access to power and can be turned on at any time. Others turn off once you remove the key. Therefore, it is possible to hear some static noise even without starting the car. 

Speaker cables 

Several cables connect the car stereo to the speaker. If any of them are defective or of low quality, they will make strange noises. This is more related to the fact that the stereo is constantly connected to batteries. 

Electrical interference 

It is the only external cause of noise. Mainly, it is caused by devices such as phones, power cords or MP3 players. Once you connect them, they cause the transmission or distortion of electrical signals. These signals clash with the sound produced by the speakers, so you will hear noise while driving. 

Damaged speakers 

Faulty speakers are the number one cause of static noise. This is due to its vibrations. It could be loose, worn, or perhaps in contact with something when it is making a sound. 

Too much power 

While power is important in sound production, too much can be harmful and will create some interference. Therefore, it is advisable to check the electricity supply whenever you hear some distortions in the sound of your system.

How to eliminate noise inside the car? 

Why are my speakers noisy

If you only hear static noise on the radio and not when playing the CD or any auxiliary audio source, the problem is with the antenna, tuner or another external factor. To determine the source of the interference, remove the main unit, locate the antenna cable or any other connecting components, and check carefully. 

Install a noise filter. if it still continues to make the noise there is a possibility that the main unit is defective. If the noise changes when you move the unit, the only way to get rid of the static is to relocate the main unit. 

If static occurs when you connect an auxiliary audio source, such as an MP3 player or satellite radio tuner, and does not occur when you listen to the radio or CD player, this is related to a ground connection. 

If that's the case, locate the source of the connection and fix it, although installing an isolator may be an easier way to address the problem. 

How to eliminate noise in amplifiers? 

How to eliminate noise in amplifiers


To determine if the noise is coming from the amplifier, disconnect the connection cables from the amplifier input. If the noise disappears, reconnect them to the amplifier and disconnect them from the main unit. If the noise comes back, check how they are routed. 

If they are routed near any power cables, rerouting them may fix the problem. If they are routed correctly, then replace them with higher quality cables. If not, a ground insulator may also be the solution.

If you hear a noise with the cables disconnected from the amplifier inputs, examine the device. If any part is in contact with bare metal, relocate it and mount it on a non-conductive spacer made of wood or rubber. 

If that doesn't fix the problem, or if the amplifier wasn't in contact with the vehicle's frame or chassis, check the amplifier's ground wire. It should be securely attached to a good ground somewhere on the chassis. If that doesn't seem to work or if the ground was good all along, the amplifier may be faulty. 

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Bad sounding music can make your trip frustrating, especially if the problem comes from the head unit. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to eliminate noise from the car stereo. 

There are multiple reasons, it could be static problems, speaker problems or even amplifier problems. The key is to discover the origin to find the correct solution. 

At Genius Audio we provide you with the highest quality equipment so you can install the best audio system in your car. Contact us and enjoy the best sound.

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