We are a company dedicated to the development and marketing of two major product lines.

GENIUS, line of alarms, window tinting, accessories and security systems for vehicles.

GENIUS AUDIO, line of sound equipment for vehicles, car audio, high-level products for day-to-day commercial use, for competitors and demanding fans who only want the best.

Our history begins 30 years ago in 1993 in Caracas-Venezuela, with a dream of providing the most advanced line of products for "Automotive Safety" to an entire country, with the foundation of the company “EL MUNDO DE LAS ALARMS”, the largest specialized store in Automotive Safety in Venezuela.

From the beginning, the development of our products had the seal of the GENIUS Brand, imposing itself and making it clear that GENIUS is certified for Quality, Technology and durability.

Thanks to the impulse of the visionary Alberto Martínez Obadia, we crossed the border and advanced to the development of the car audio line, locating ourselves strategically in Panama, through the foundation of the company IMPORTADORA BOUTICAR S.A., which began operations in August of 2003.

GENIUS AUDIO, is made up of a team of professionals and specialists with extensive experience, aware of the current needs of the market, always in search of innovation.

Our products are subjected to demanding performance tests, high quality controls, obtaining stable and reliable products as results, and satisfying the needs of our customers. Our mission is to offer products with technology for a demanding public.

We watch over and pay special attention to the correct selection of our suppliers in China, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and the United States. Suppliers specialized in the field, with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, guaranteeing the manufacture of products that meet our highest standards of quality and technology, with first-class ends, fashion and performance.

The commercialization of our products is carried out through chainstores, car audio installation centers and vehicle security systems, car dealers, motorcycle sales, car washes, car assemblers, as well as distributors of spare parts and automotive accessories.

The selection of our distributors and customers is key to preserving the correct quality in the installation, obtaining the highest performance and efficiency in each of our products, as well as taking care of the image, credibility and profitability of our products in the market.

Our international sales, marketing, graphic design, development and technical support offices are currently located in Panama. The company EL MUNDO DE LAS ALARMAS S.A. is established in Panama City, which is dedicated to the commercialization of the two large lines of GENIUS products nationwide throughout Panama.

In the Free Tax Zone of the City of Colón, Panama, the Company IMPORTADORA BOUTICAR S.A. is in charge of distribution logistics for all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the USA, we have established our two companies:

A&M GLOBAL EVOLUTION, LLC., which is dedicated to the commercialization of our products through the different marketplaces (Amazon USA, Ebay and ecommerce).

GENIUS CAR and AUDIO USA, LLC., dedicated to commercialization through wholesale nationwide in the USA, through dealers and distributors.

In Mexico we market our products through our company GENIUS BOUTICAR MÉXICO, CV DE SC., nationwide through our authorized distributors and different marketplace platforms (Amazon Mexico, Mercadolibre Mexico and ecommerce).

We have managed to position ourselves in more than 17 Latin American countries, where car audio fans have been able to experience the quality of our products, generating satisfaction, trust and loyalty in both of our Brands, GENIUS and GENIUS AUDIO.

We have a great and powerful TEAM GENIUS AUDIO at an international level, where every day more and more fans and competitors join our already famous and prestigious TEAM GENIUS AUDIO.

GENIUS AUDIO is also present in Europe:

An effective and very close way of connecting with our end customers, users and competitors, has been through social media, in which the passion for the GENIUS brand is reflected in great interaction and number of followers, where they share us from its facilities, recent equipment works, technical and commercial consultations which are attended by our specialized personnel.

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GENIUS, The art of security .
GENIUS AUDIO, The Power Of Sound.
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