Subwoofer enclosure: How to recognize the best?

Subwoofer enclosure: How to recognize the best?

on October 19, 2023

Every music and good sound lover knows that good sound equipment is essential to have a better experience. Your equipment should include a subwoofer enclosure to enhance its performance and sound quality. 

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to choose the best subwoofer enclosure. 

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What is a subwoofer enclosure? 

A subwoofer enclosure is a structure that houses the speaker allowing it to move in a limited space. The subwoofer should be low frequency and will generate high quality bass sounds

These boxes are designed with the aim of improving the frequency response of the speakers. That is, ensuring maximum efficiency and offering better sound quality. 

Additionally, the right enclosure will help protect your subwoofers from possible damage and external vibrations. 

There are different types of enclosures depending on the subwoofer you want to house. Each design meets specific needs in terms of sound, space and budget. 

Next, we tell you which are the most common types on the market: 

Types of enclosure

types of enclosure


Sealed enclosure

Also known as a “closed acoustic box”, it is one of the best known and simplest. It is, simply, a completely enclosed, unvented enclosure that offers a tighter and more precise frequency response than other types of enclosures. 

This ‘box’ is ideal if you are looking to control the bass, because it offers a more precise bass response. 

Enclosure with tuning port

Also known as a “bass reflex box,” it is an enclosure that has one or more openings on the front or back of the box. This allows air to move both internally and externally. 

In this way, the sound produced will be more powerful and deeper than with the previous type of enclosure, the sealed one. However, in relation to the sealed enclosure, the frequency response is not as precise. 

Quarter Wave Design Enclosure

This type of enclosure is the one that offers greater complexity than the previous ones. Plus, it takes up much more space.It is used on the rear of the subwoofer to amplify the bass frequencies, which results in a much deeper and more resonant sound. 

It is recommended for those who love a serious, deep and precise sound. 

Maze Design Enclosure

As its name indicates, this enclosure has a labyrinthine design through which the air moves and allows for the construction of lower, deeper and more precise frequencies. It even surpasses the results of sealed and tuning-ported boxes. 

However, these are much more complex to design and build, making them the most expensive type of subwoofer box on the market. 

Infinite loading enclosure

    The infinite loading enclosure uses a combination of a tuning port. In addition, it has an air chamber to create an acoustic load that extends the frequency response of the speaker. 

    This subwoofer box is recommended for those looking for a powerful and deep bass sound, with an extended frequency response. 


    How to know which one is correct?

    How to know which one is correct?


    Now that you know what the different types of subwoofer enclosure are, we will help you choose the right fit according to your needs and budget. Let's take a look at some considerations that you should take into account when choosing your enclosure:

    Subwoofer size

    You must make sure that the enclosure is sized according to the subwoofer you have or want to purchase. This is because a very large or small box can affect the sound quality. 

    Type of music

    If you are a music lover with controlled bass sounds, a sealed enclosure may be the best option. On the other hand, if you prefer music with deeper bass sounds, an enclosure with a tuning port or a quarter-wave design will suit your tastes. 

    Available Space

    You must consider the size available in your car where you are going to place the enclosure. If space is limited, a sealed enclosure is a better option because it is more compact than others with more complex designs. 


    Subwoofer boxes have different costs in relation to what they offer. Therefore, you should consider what your budget is before making a decision. 

    Keep in mind that more complex enclosures have a higher cost. On the other hand, sealed enclosures or those with a tuning port are the most economical on the market. 

    Construction Materials

    It is essential that you know the construction materials of the enclosure you want to purchase. Good materials ensure high quality, and consequently, greater durability and resistance. 

    The most common materials for building enclosures are plywood and MDF.

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    The subwoofer box is a key element that you must have in your sound equipment to obtain incredible results in the bass, which are increasingly clearer and more powerful. 

    However, to choose the right enclosure you should know that each one is designed to meet specific needs in terms of sound, space and budget. 

    With certain factors in mind, you can choose the best enclosure and enjoy a pleasant, high-quality sound experience that matches your musical tastes. 

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