What is a subwoofer?

What is a subwoofer?

on October 09, 2023

A subwoofer is a speaker specialized for reproducing low-pitched audio frequencies. It is commonly known as bass, and allows you to hear clearly and deeply the sounds that are normally heard in nature and in music, within the bass sound spectrum.

If you don't have it, you may be missing out on the most precious details of a recording.

It is not a component that car audio systems have integrated from the factory and, if they do include it, it generally does not provide the expected performance and fidelity.

Subwoofers are manufactured in different sizes, ranging from 6.5 to 18 inches and, you need to know that their size will affect the frequency in an inversely proportional way, therefore, the larger the size, the lower the frequency will be.

what is a subwoofer

Why do I need one or more subwoofers?

An OEM system, don't come with speakers that reproduce low frequencies and subsonics notes.

The music contains low frequencies in the musical spectrum which cannot be covered with low mids, mid ranges and tweeters, by adding this you make it sound fuller and more satisfying depending on the levels you enjoy.

Depending on your needs, you will find from 6.5 to 18 inches (commercial size). Keep in mind that the size will affect the frequency inversely proportionally, so the larger the area of the cone, the better it will reproduce those low frequencies that you enjoy so much.

Where is the best place in the vehicle to install or deposit your subwoofer box?

This depends on how many and what size subs can fit in the car available space.

There are customers who want it to be more aesthetic and to be integrated as part of the vehicle, manufacturers seek to satisfy the needs and expectations, creating different models so that buyers can choose where and how to place it.

It is very common to place the subwoofer in the back of the car pointing away from the seats, since the sound propagation of the subwoofer is omnidirectional, no matter which direction it is placed, it will really depend on the balance with the speakers and how to integrate to make it match.

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Types of subwoofers

There are two types of subwoofers that you can find on the market:

  • Active: these are boxes that come built in amplifier with crossover, gain control, high input signal and rcas, include bass knob (most cases) which can be easily installed under the front dash panel or in a custom way integrated into one of the plastics of the dash. There are also some very compact ones that can be placed regularly under the seats that reinforce the presence of bass notes in the factory speakers.
  • Passive: We are talking about a speaker that needs to be built an enclosure with a certain amount of air so that it can reproduce low frequencies and must be amplified by an external source (amplifier) ​​which is compatible in rms power.

On the market you will find various brands of subwoofers and amplified boxes of different sizes which, depending on the musical taste and space that you can have or sacrifice to have the amount of bass that you like to feel, you can choose depending on your budget.

types of subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your audio system

When adding a subwoofer to your audio system, it is important how it is adjusted trying to eliminate levels that cause distortion, the input signal with respect to the output gain must be balanced, without loudness, bass boost or extra bass level as it should be, because it can damage your speaker, it is worth mentioning that the quality of the cable, whether rcas or current, must have certain characteristics:

On RCA cables always look for pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). The higher the quality of the copper, the cleaner the signal will be. Also look for contacts made of highly conductive materials.

Another important feature is shielding. Having RCA cables with a good coating will ensure a higher quality. If possible, ideally the shield material should match that of the connectors for better transmission quality.

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For wiring kit OXYGEN-FREE PURE COPPER (OFC): High quality stranded OFC cable maximizes power transfer performance, while remaining highly flexible. OFC is premium wiring material with less than 0.001% oxygen to offer the best power conductivity and minimal voltage loss.

RUGGED PVC JACKET FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY & DURABILITY: Low memory, flexible soft-touch jacket material is perfect for routing in hard to reach places. Highly durable automotive grade wire (GPT) is resistant to extreme temperatures, liquid, oil, gas, abrasions and high impact.

We highly recommend that it be installed by a professional installer.
Genius audio has a wide variety of subwoofer lines that are at the level of your needs, taste and budget.

Starting with the NITRO, VULKAN, and COMPETITION Series.
We also have a wide line of pre-made boxes, the ACOUSTIC BOX line, which fit your needs at a highly accessible price, these being your best option now that you are thinking about upgrading your sound system.



subwoofer is a speaker specialized for reproducing low-pitched audio frequencies.

It is commonly known as bass, and allows you to hear clearly and deeply the sounds that are normally heard in nature and in music, within the bass sound spectrum.

Visit our catalog at Genius Audio and choose the subwoofer of your choice. If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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