What are tweeters and how to get the most out of them

What are tweeters and how to get the most out of them

on October 03, 2023

A complete audio system requires specialized speakers known as "tweeters." These are essential pieces to achieve high-quality and powerful sound.

Tweeters are not just passive components in vehicle speakers. They are essential in most full-range speaker systems, including those used outside of the car.

In this article we will talk about tweeters, what they are, what are the most frequent types and importance within the car audio system.


What are tweeters?


Tweeters are small speakers responsible for high-pitched, crisp, and clear sounds in your car's audio system. They work through a magnetic field that produces precise back and forth movements of plastic and metal parts that reproduce the exact and reliable sound.

They operate on the opposite side of the frequency range from woofers, which are responsible for creating low-frequency sounds, and are much larger. Tweeters create high frequency sounds and are smaller.

Most are limited to a specific range, such as 3 to 20 kHz maximum, although it depends on the specific limitations of the speaker.

Kilohertz(kHz) is a term used to describe the frequency of sound produced or the cycles per second of an audio signal waveform.


Nowadays, you can find different types of tweeters on the market. Each one has its well-defined sound and characteristics, so it is important to know them thoroughly.

Let's analyze each of them:

Cone tweeter

Its primary function is to produce a full, linear frequency response throughout the audible range. This allows it to cover most of the audio spectrum, but not all of it (it produces low frequencies better than high frequencies).

Cone tweeters are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to use in speaker designs.These types of tweeters are made of different materials: woven fiberglass, aluminum alloy, and titanium, each with certain sound characteristics.

Dome tweeter

It is covered with a silk dome, which provides a smooth and fluid sound quality. Although, it should be noted that those made of metal are more durable.

Since these tweeters produce less harsh high-frequency notes and are more expensive than other types, most people prefer to only use them when necessary.

Ribbon tweeter

Ribbon tweeters use a unique design to produce sound. Instead of a traditional diaphragm, a magnetic force is applied to a thin ribbon to create the sound.

This tape moves from one side to the other in a linear fashion. They often create the highest quality sound.Also, you can handle higher power levels, making this type of tweeter more expensive than cone and dome tweeters.

Super tweeters

They are designed to have higher power ratings. They produce louder volumes and are typically used in situations where many speakers are needed.

It is not common to find them in home stereo systems, since they are designed for systems with a longer range. Other types of tweeter include: piezoelectric, magnetic plane, electrostatic, AMT and horn.


Why it is important to incorporate tweeters in your audio system 

Although tweeters are the smallest speakers in an audio system, they are responsible for reproducing high-frequency sounds like stringed instruments and bells and cymbals.

These small cones, mounted inside a speaker cabinet with a magnet and voice coil in the center, drive higher sound frequencies without distorting them when played at a lower volume. Therefore, tweeters can be found in home audio systems, car stereos, and other sound production equipment.


All Genius Audio tweeters

At Genius Audio we specialize in equipping your vehicle in terms of sound systems.

We have a wide variety of tweeters in various designs, models, colors and sizes. With high compression aluminum bullets with a titanium diaphragm, in addition to bullet and phenolic bullets, among many others. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and provides the best quality.


How to connect tweeters to the amplifier

Installing the tweeters to the amplifier is a similar process to installing the speakers:

  1. Cut any electrical connections in the car.
  2. Connect the tweeters to the unused amp channels to make sure it works. To do this, follow the wires, both positive and negative, on the amp.
  3. You should also make sure that it matches the polarity of the tweeters. In this way, you can easily connect the tweeters to the amplifier. Another way to make sure is to connect the tweeters to the same connections as the speakers.

Remember that the connections maintain the same polarity with the speakers and the amplifier.




A tweeter can be defined as a small speaker that handles high frequencies and helps create clear sounds for you to enjoy while playing music.

They are used in many audio applications, including car speakers to make sounds easier to hear and understand.

Visit our catalog at Genius Audio and choose the tweeter of your choice. If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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