Guide to buying car subs

Guide to buying car subs

on May 10, 2024

The car sub plays a very important role when listening to music. It is used to give depth to your audio system and offer a fuller sound. However, there are certain factors and aspects that you should take into account when purchasing them in the store. Because everything will depend on your needs, requirements, and certain specific characteristics.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you a quick guide to buying car subs. What it is and which type is best for you to install comfortably in your car and, thus, enjoy its benefits.


What is a car subwoofer?

Seen from the outside, the car sub and the installed speakers have almost the same design, but functionally they are very different from each other.

The types of speakers are distinguished according to the sound results. Like the woofer for low sound output, the midrange for medium sound output, and the tweeter for high sound output.

In general, speakers are the means used to produce sound from electrical energy. The bass or subwoofer is a bass speaker system that can have lower frequencies. Its main function is to produce sound from 10 Hz to 200 Hz. A full sound will have good musicality with a typical frequency range of around 20 kHz - 29 kHz. The sub will pick up and produce low tones under the speaker and the resulting sound will be smoother.

Now, there are certain characteristics that you should take into account when purchasing a car sub. Let's take a look at the main ones:

Power: Check your RMS power. When checking, make sure the amplifier can handle that amount of power. All subwoofers require amplifiers.

Sensitivity: Subwoofers have a higher sensitivity rating. They require less energy to produce the same amount of sound.

Enclosure: The type of sound the subwoofer will produce depends on the enclosure or type of box in which it is ported.

Number of voice coils: There are single and double voice coils. Doubles provide more flexibility when wiring sound systems.

Size: If you want the system to play music loud and low and also have enough space, choose the largest subwoofer possible. However, don't underestimate the small one, if installed correctly and with the right type of box then it can perform as well or better than the big ones.

What type of subwoofer should I buy?


There are different types of car subs on the market that you can choose from. Each one is designed taking into account different aspects such as: capacity, size, power level, and price range.

It is actually according to its characteristics and specifications that they are based on classifying the subwoofer or car bass. Below, we mention some of its most common types:

Pick and choose components to build a custom system

This underbody design is intended to fit a particular location on a specific make/model of vehicle. That is, you can adapt it to your taste. Since they are made to order for your car, they take up less space than a standard box and will blend into the interior.

Depending on the vehicle, you can choose between enclosures that include pre-installed woofers or empty ones that allow you to choose the subwoofer. Some also include an amplifier.

An easy “out of the box” subwoofer/cabinet combo 


To simplify installation, you can choose a pre-loaded subwoofer box that is designed to perfectly match the speaker and fit your vehicle. Available with a variety of subwoofer sizes, there is an enclosure for almost every application.

All you need to add is a suitable amplifier and wiring. There are also all-in-one bass packages that include a loaded box and an amplifier whose power matches the sub.

At Genius Audio we can offer you a variety of ported subwoofers with subwoofers from the Nitro series. We encourage you to get to know them.

Simple sub-system that saves space

Known as powered or active subwoofers, they are speaker systems that include an amplifier, a crossover, and a low-frequency driver integrated into the same box. When you're looking for an all-in-one solution that takes up less space, this type of subwoofer brings everything together in one place.

All you need to do is connect the power and speaker cables and you are ready to use it. This type of subwoofer is ideal for car stereo systems because it can produce accurate and powerful bass without requiring additional components.


The car subwoofer or bass makes all your songs sound better. It doesn't matter what type of music you prefer, or how soft or loud you like to listen to.

A quality subwoofer can really improve your overall listening experience. To do this, when purchasing this equipment you must take into account certain aspects.

Sensitivity, power, size, and enclosure where it is available, are some of them. But it is also necessary to know your needs and requirements, the subwoofer will ultimately depend on this.

At Genius Audio we offer you different types of subs for cars so you can choose the one you prefer. Contact one of our advisors and we will guide you through the process!


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