What are coaxial speakers and what types are there?

What are coaxial speakers and what types are there?

on March 01, 2024

When it comes to speakers, there are many options on the market. But coaxial speakers are undoubtedly one of the most popular and used types that exist.

In this article, we will explain what they are, their use and what their types are. In addition, we will clear up the most frequent doubts about them regarding their installation, where to use them and how to know if you need them. 

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What is a coaxial speaker? 

Coaxial speakers are a type of 2-way speaker designed to take up less space and replace single cone speakers. They include a tweeter and woofer to improve sound. They not only provide better sound, but also better ease of installation, save space and are a good compromise between sound quality, price and use. 

You may think of them as a middle ground between low-end, lower-cost single-cone speakers (used by manufacturers to reduce costs) and component speakers (more expensive and complex, but with better sound quality).

Those are some of the reasons why they are the most popular type for car stereo systems. That, and the fact that they are one of the easiest to install and most affordable sound upgrades you can buy.

What is the coaxial speaker for? 

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People install coaxial speakers so they don't have to deal with a variety of component elements and can still get stereo sound with a wide range. They are also easy to balance, because all the sound comes from the same place instead of being distributed over one area by a system of components.

Coaxial speakers can correct the poor frequency response (missing sounds) you find with single cone speakers.

You will definitely get a huge immediate improvement in sound most of the time. 


Types of coaxial speakers and what to use them for 

Coaxial speakers have a built-in simple crossover that takes the input signal and splits it into separate bands of high, mid, and low frequencies. This is to assign the signals to different parts of the speaker.

They come in a few different band configurations: 


2 Bands Coaxial 

Most coax will be at least in the 2-band range; These are speakers that contain another secondary speaker housed inside them. A 2-band coaxial usually consists of a woofer and a tweeter.

The larger speaker handles the low and mid frequencies and the tweeter handles the high frequencies. This is the most common configuration of a coaxial. 


3 Bands Coaxial 

3-band coaxials have an additional midrange speaker. This gives it an extra "mid scoop", and is a notable improvement if you want more depth for your sound system. It consists of a woofer, a midrange and a tweeter.

4 Bands Coaxial 

Lastly, we have the 4-band coaxial. This important update is for true audio enthusiasts. Not only do you get the bass woofer, midrange speaker, and tweeter, but they also come with an additional super tweeter. This makes it the most complete coaxial model available.  


Frequently asked questions about coaxial speakers 

coaxial speaker


Although coaxial speakers are very common and popular, there are still some doubts regarding these devices. Below, we clarify some of them: 


How to connect the coaxial speaker? 

Consider adding sound-deadening materials around the speaker locations and inside the door panel to reduce any rattles inside or outside the car. Connect your new coaxial speakers:

A plug and play adapter simplifies the installation process. Simply slide the female quick disconnect into the corresponding speaker connection.

Double check the polarity of the cable: positive over positive and negative over negative.

Before reassembling the door panels, reconnect the negative battery terminal to ensure the new speakers work.

Play the audio and adjust the balance from the main unit to each speaker to check individual functions. 


How do I know if I need a coaxial speaker? 

Coaxial car speakers are a great choice for car audio for several reasons: 

  • They are easy to install as they come in a compact woofer and tweeter unit. 
  • They do not require a separate crossover like component speakers do. 
  • They offer exceptional sound quality for a better price.

Where is the coaxial speaker used? 

There are several things you should consider when evaluating coaxial speakers. The first is the mounting depth, which will determine how easy or difficult it will be to install the speakers. 

Ideally, they fit over existing speaker stands, making placement much easier. If the shape and mounting depth are not compatible with existing brackets, it may be necessary to build brackets or extend existing ones, which can be problematic.  

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Coaxial speakers are a type of speaker that has the tweeter (high frequency driver) and woofer (low frequency driver) mounted on the same shaft. They can be used in any application or vehicle. They deliver tight, punchy bass that's perfect for most music genres.

At Genius Audio we put at your disposal our range of coaxial speakers.

Contact us or visit our catalog and discover all the elements we have to improve your car's sound system.


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