How can I build a profesional audio system?

How can I build a profesional audio system?

on April 30, 2024

It is not possible to go to a store or establishment and ask them to sell us a professional audio system. It's not as simple as that. A professional audio system has to be assembled for a specific purpose and, believe it or not, the first thing you should consider is the type of music you like to listen to, which can determine the purchase of certain devices for assembly.

After you have that decided, then comes the part where you need to think about:

  • The components you must purchase to build your professional audio system.
  • The quality they should have.
  • How much should they endure?
  • And, especially, what you expect to get from them.

Remember that a professional audio system is a set of suitable components that must be wired correctly and balanced so that your professional audio system offers you the features you are looking for.

This could be:

  • High fidelity sound.
  • Fewer resonances.
  • Less distortions, among other things.

So the secret is to acquire the equipment that can ensure that and achieve the right balance.

Essential elements for professional sound


The first thing you should do is get advice from professionals because they will explain the importance of sound sources, amplifiers, volume mixers, cables, speakers, or subwoofers.


Don't leave out any installation tips, because a professional audio system is still a system, which means it is made up of parts and each system is only as good as the sum of each of them.

Sound Source

It is the audio device that you are going to place in the front of the car, and it can range from a CD player to a device so sophisticated that it can be linked via Bluetooth with the music you have saved on your mobile phone.


There are even those that play MP3, MP4 or that connect with a USB cable. The important thing, in this case, is quality.


Adding an external amplifier will provide your professional audio system with better power than any stereo system, and the difference in sound quality will be appreciated immediately, without having to turn up the volume, therefore, it is a device that is essential. There are multiple amplifiers available on the market that have built-in subsonic filters, which eliminate super bass, which is present in all music recordings and is in the infrasound range that people cannot hear.


The most recommended is a Genius amplifier that is class A/B with 4 channels, and the Fox 1200w series is ideal because it easily adapts to any subwoofer and can generate up to 400w, giving you stronger and fuller bass, with a pass filter variable bass, which allows maximum performance in the amplifier-subwoofer-box combination.


This is because they are capable of eliminating resonances that are extremely low and distorted, and many of the models come with a remote control so you can adjust the level of the bass without having to leave your seat.

Volume Mixer

It is a device that is also called an equalizer and that can have multiple channels with which you can balance the sound of the music as you want to hear it. This allows you to give greater importance to what you want to hear, eliminating low noise, and giving you greater sonic quality through its output levels. A volume mixer is capable of individualizing the sounds that are intertwined in any recording, and you can enhance the audio with exceptional performance.


Cables for any of the components of your professional audio system, such as audio source, speakers, amplifier, volume mixer, or subwoofer are more important than you think. The cables are what transmit electrical signals to and from any component of the system. They are the ones that transmit the signal that has been converted into an analog electrical current so that the sound of the music is emitted with the highest quality.

Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the correct cables, depending on the distance they will have to travel and the device you want to connect.

An example of this is the speaker cables, which must be made of 16 gauge copper, with a thick coating, to ensure better performance, and if they are oxygen-free, the better. However, 12 gauge cables are also recommended, because they are commonly used in connecting speakers, amplifiers, volume mixers, or audio and video receivers.

And why use these calibers?

Simple, a lower gauge cable means that the wire will be thicker, and 12 and 16-gauge cables are the ideal thickness for transmitting the amplified audio signal. Therefore, the best option is the Genius line of OFC-type cables, which guarantee malleability, flexibility, and less corrosion, since they are manufactured oxygen-free.



When it comes to car manufacturing, speakers are considered accessories, so they are left until the end of the process, and the best quality ones are not always installed, unless they are sponsored by a certain brand.


So if you want to have a professional audio system, perhaps that is one of the several devices that you should change, and to do so, we recommend that you seek appropriate advice, to know which ones can give you the best sound without you having to spend a large amount of money.


Good speakers will make you hear the bass and treble better and add good tweeters, allowing you to appreciate the details of songs that you had not been able to hear before, so the fidelity of your professional audio system will depend on the quality. of the speakers


A good recommendation is the Genius brand, which has a line of Pro Audio speakers made with an aluminum base, in an ideal size of 6.5 inches, which adapts perfectly to any space and has a performance of 300 W, with a cost quite reasonable.


The subwoofers will depend on your style and the space you are willing to sacrifice in the car to build your professional audio system.


If you choose a box subwoofer, which is installed in the trunk, make sure the box is well sealed. This is because air leaks impair its performance, as would a poor relationship with the size of the box.


If you don't have a lot of space or don't want to sacrifice the trunk, the most recommended option is to install a powered subwoofer that can be placed under a seat and will give you the same quality of surround sound that you expect to receive.


At Genius Audio, we have an excellent line of subwoofers with the name Nitro, which have a standardized size, with double coils and copper wiring, at good prices, ideal for placing them in the correct box and always making sure to use the appropriate and good quality cables, because sometimes the wrong cable can ruin the best sound system.


If you want a professional audio system installed in your car, you can't make mistakes in selecting the devices you are going to purchase and integrate. Remember that they must be balanced and equalized to achieve the perfect balance between the audio system, amplifier, speakers, and subwoofers for better performance.


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