How to choose the ideal subwoofer box?

How to choose the ideal subwoofer box?

on September 29, 2023

The only way you'll really get the best bass frequencies out of your car stereo is by installing a subwoofer, but having a proper subwoofer box is also important.

What many are unaware of is that to get the most out of this device from your audio system, there are different factors that you must take into account when choosing this support.

In this article, we will talk about what you should know when choosing the best subwoofer box. In addition, we tell you about the types that exist and which one suits you best.


Sealed Vs Ported

Having high-quality subwoofers can help turn your vehicle into the ultimate music center. It's exciting to feel the low frequencies vibrating through your car and shake the doors and windows as you feel every beat of the song you are listening to.

However, with all the shaking the speakers make, it can be very uncomfortable due to the constant collision with the mounting space. This is why it is essential to first accommodate your subwoofers in a box before installing them.

Furthermore, the kind of bass you'll get from your car audio system depends on which subwoofer mount or box you use. Interesting, right?

Generally, there are two types of subwoofer boxes: the sealed one and the ported one. Each one has its very specific characteristics.

The sealed type is smaller, gives you tighter, more accurate bass, and you'll need more power for stronger bass.

On the other hand, those of the ported type, are usually a larger box, provide more powerful, resounding bass, although a less precious sound. It is more efficient and does not require as much energy.

Next, we explain in detail each type of subwoofer box:

Importance of a subwoofer box

Sealed box

The sealed box prevents air from escaping the enclosure, making it
difficult for the subwoofer to get in and out. This increases the transient response, delivering tighter bass and more accurate sound.

They also have excellent power handling as it's harder for the subwoofer to "bottom out". However, since air waves can't escape the box, the subwoofer is less efficient, which means less sound reproduction.

The tightly sealed and airtight design also doesn't allow the speaker's temperature to cool down as quickly as in other boxes or outdoor setups.


Ported Box

The ported box, also known as a ventilated box, are enclosures that are designed with a port tuned to a specific frequency.

Compared to sealed boxes, this one is more efficient. Its design produces more sound output because the ventilation allows the back waves to reach your ears along with the front waves.

The ports generate deeper bass up to the tuned frequency, but power handling below the frequency is poor, making the woofer susceptible to damage.

Sealed boxes offer better transient response and speaker damping than ported boxes because they do not provide internal pressure against the subwoofer.


How to know which one is the best

Now that you know the characteristics and operation of each of them, which is the correct option?

There are different advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing between a sealed and a ported box. You should base your decision on the specifications of the subwoofer you are going to install.

Another important aspect is to consider what sound qualities you like in the music you listen to, so whether it's loud or vibrating, you'll end up getting the kind of bass you want.

If you prefer a bass that is "tight" and focused, choose a sealed box. If you want the bass to resonate at maximum volume in your music, then you definitely need a ported box.

The place where you are going to install the subwoofer in the car, the size, the material which it is made of, the design and the cost, are also other factors that you must take into account.

At Genius Audio we are a company that provides you with all the necessary equipment and materials to install the best audio systems in your car.

Currently, we have ported loudspeakers with subwoofers installed in different sizes. They are designed to increase the power of low frequencies in the car.

They are made from resistant materials and easily adaptable to the model of your audio system. In addition to this, it is quick to install. All our products meet the highest quality standards.

Advantages of a subwoofer box


The subwoofer box helps you contain all the vibration from the drivers, so they don't end up with mechanical damage. Having the right one can provide significant bass extension and reduce sound interference.

So instead of building your box from scratch, you should go with a ready-made box that is readily available for the types of subwoofers on the market.

To get the most out of your subwoofer, choose the right one. At Genius Audio we have a good selection of professionally built boxes for you. Contact us and ask for more information about our products.

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