Parts of a speaker

Parts of a speaker

on December 15, 2023

Speakers are considered a fundamental part of obtaining good sound. However, before getting into knowing the parts of a speaker, it is important to mention some aspects of this interesting equipment. 

Do you want to know what the parts of a speaker are? Below, we have created a complete content that will allow you to clarify all your doubts. Read carefully! 


What is a speaker? 

Speakers or loudspeakers are devices that allow sound to be expanded. They are considered electrical transducers, that is, they have the ability to convert electrical current into sound. In order for electricity to be converted into sound through speakers, it must first undergo a conversion of electrical signals to mechanical energy. 

Once this process is completed, the mechanical energy is converted into sound waves that propagate through the air. Speakers amplify sound in different ways and this will clearly depend on their technical characteristics. Speakers can offer you different frequency responses and have different powers and sensitivity. Taking these aspects into consideration, the speakers will be able to provide better or lower sound quality.  

It is completely valid that you have many doubts about the speaker you are going to choose. In today's market, you can find different types of speakers that you should know to make the best purchasing decision. Below, we mention some:

Speakers according to tone range 

When you buy a speaker, you may hear different tones of sound, such as treble, midrange, and bass. This is achieved through the different components such as the tweeter, driver and woofer. Taking these aspects into consideration, they are classified in this way: 


In this model, the tweeter and driver are present, offering a large number of frequencies, although you should know that the bass is limited.These devices have different power levels and can be small in size. 


These models include a woofer, therefore, they have a great amplitude of tones, therefore achieving greater sound fidelity. 


Speakers according to amplifier use 

The speakers need to amplify the signal so that it can be reproduced, taking into consideration whether the amplifier is integrated or external, they are classified as: 


Active speakers 

This type of speaker does not need an external amplifier, since it is integrated into the box. 


Passive speakers 

These models are the ones that must be connected to an external amplifier in order to receive the amplified signal.

Speakers according to their technology 

Taking into consideration the technology they use, speakers can be classified into: 



These are the most used at a general level. A very recognizable and particular element of this speaker is the famous diaphragm, which has a circular and easy to recognize shape. The diaphragm has the ability to move both forward and backward, with the intention of reproducing the sound waves that identify a person. 



These models have a conical diaphragm, which moves due to the formation of a magnetic field. The coil that receives the audio signal, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and amplify the sound. 



This type of speaker is designed to improve the production of bass tones. One of the most striking features of these models is that the sound is emitted in all directions. It has the ability to work in a frequency range between 20 and 200 Hz. 



These are clearly recognizable because their structure is conical, having a style like that of megaphones. They have the ability to increase the level of pressure on sound waves.

Speakers according to their format 

Taking into consideration their shape, they are classified as follows: 


Floor standing speakers 

As their name indicates, they are tower-shaped speakers that are placed directly on the floor. These models are frequently used in home cinema or home theater equipment. 


Bookshelf speakers 

These models are the traditional rectangular-shaped speakers. They are ideal for placing on shelves or similar places. They are smaller than floor-standing speakers and a little more versatile, as they can be used in different sound equipment. 


Portable speakers 

Out of all the models found on the market today, these models are the most used. They are also called Bluetooth speakers. They are characterized by being compact models, which provide ease of use and transport, as well as the freedom to use them without cables. 


What are the parts of a speaker? 

In order to offer better sound quality, the speakers have a structure of 4 systems that constitute the parts of a speaker: 

Engine system 

The operation of the speaker is thanks to this system and is constituted as follows:



It is made of a conductive material, for example, ferrite or neodymium. It is what generates the magnetic field that allows the coil to move and carry the vibrations to the cone, and then reproduce the sound. 



It is the heart of the speaker. It is made up of wire frames that are organized in a support, which is responsible for making the cone vibrate. Generally, these cables are made of heat-resistant materials, this is because they reach high temperatures. 



The purpose of this system is to transform the waves received from the coil through an acoustic signal. When it receives the vibrations coming from the coil, the sound is generated and is made up of two parts: 



It is attached to the mold that forms the coil and is what generates the air movement. Generally, it is made of paper or fabric, although you should know that the most modern ones are made of titanium.



It is a cover that is located inside the coil, it is usually integrated into the cone. Its function is to prevent dirt from entering and affecting the coil. It is important to detail that its size, shape and weight influence the sound quality.


The parts associated with the suspension are intended to center the cone to prevent it from moving and causing damage to the coil. It is composed by: 



This component is attached to the edge of the coil mold. The spider is made of varnished fabric in order to center and reinforce it. It has vertical flexibility, but is highly rigid in its horizontal angle which prevents coil movements. 



It is considered an air sealing element that is between the coil and the cone. It is capable of absorbing vibration deviations that are transferred to the cone to move the air. 


Simply put, it is the housing of the speaker. It is generally made of steel and aluminum. The main function of this part of the speaker is to align the horn with the magnetic circuit. When they are large speakers, this part must be reinforced to guarantee a more resistant structure.

Difference between amplifier and speaker 

It is normal that you feel doubts between the terms that are most heard around car sound environments . However, an ideal way to understand a little more about the subject is to know the differences between an amplifier and a speaker. In this sense, an amplifier is a piece of equipment that is capable of increasing the intensity of any phenomenon.

This happens because it has the ability to increase the acoustic signals they receive, with the intention of giving more power to the speakers. In other words, amplifiers allow the speaker to play at a higher volume and with better quality, whereas the speakers have the task of converting electrical energy into acoustic energy. 



Identifying the parts of a speaker allows you to learn a little more about how this important sound equipment works. If you love good sound, having good speakers is an excellent option.

Speakers have become an item used in different areas, such as, corporate, recreational and even domestic level. We invite you to learn more about the best speakers from professionals in the area, at Genius Audio we will be happy to offer you our advice.


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