How does an audio DSP work?

How does an audio DSP work?

on November 30, 2023

You may have already heard that there is a new device for Car Audio, which they call DSP, and it is appearing in many sale catalogs of big brand items, practically without consumers realizing its existence, but do you actually know what is it for? or, how does a DSP work? Here we are to guide you through it in the following article. 

Many of the fans of good Car Audio systems, especially the most demanding ones, had been asking for a device like this for a long time and the manufacturers just did their job: Create a new item to satisfy that need! 

Since then they began to be produced, practically for about ten years, but at practically unattainable costs. Now, it may be within your reach. Let 's find out how. 


What is a DSP and what is it for? 

They are called DPS because they are Digital Signal Processors, whose basic idea is that of a microprocessor, which should give you an idea of how a DSP works. It is a device that has the ability to modify the digital signals received in real time, depending on how its software is programmed. Of course, it wasn't long before computer science became intertwined in Car Audio systems and that's how a DSP works, like a computer board, but for a car sound system. 

It has already been used to modify sounds until specific acoustic signals can be found, but its applications in a vehicle's audio system are a plus for any sound equipment, even professional ones. This is how a DSP works. Furthermore, today’s technology has allowed new DSPs to be created at a lower cost and more compatible with any type of equipment.


Do I need a DSP for my car? 

 Do I need a DSP for my car?

You must remember that the signal that your sound source receives is analog and that it is your car's sound system that converts it into digital, therefore, the best recommendation that is usually given is that you place an external amplifier to your sound equipment. In this way, the signal is not only amplified, but better digitized. 


But how does a DSP work here? 

  • What happens is that this device manages to internally convert the analog signal that enters directly into a digital signal, for which it will sample and quantize it in an analog-digital converter, called ADC. 
  • When the signal is already digitized, the DSP software applies algorithms that cause the sound already transformed into bits, at a speed of millions of conversions per second, to modify and shape the signal, according to pre-established programming. 

So the question is not if you need a DSP for your car, but why haven't you incorporated it into your Car Audio System yet? 

The advantages of an analog to digital conversion are: 

  • Improve your sound quality. 
  • Enhance the functionality of the other components of your Audio Car System. 


    How does a DSP work? 

    How does a DSP work?

     To know how a DSP works we have to explain to you that it is a digital audio processing system. 

    This system is responsible for equalizing, filtering and eliminating temporal delays in sound, but with a new process that gives it power without limitations, except those derived from software programming.


    How does it work?

    In essence, it works the same way a computer does, since it is possible to program complete and intuitive interfaces in the software, to the taste of each user, and using a PC that configures any possibility available in a DSP, so that, with specific knowledge , the audio signal can be twisted and even rectified with a click. This is what will allow you to make the necessary adjustments until you obtain the correct adaptation and balance of a Car Audio system to the acoustic possibilities of a space. 

    Another benefit is that the processors that a DSP has are so powerful that the results of the adjustments we make to the software can be seen practically in real time. Furthermore, those manufactured today are usually compatible with any of the equipment found on the market! 

    Another thing you should know is that there are already DSPs at an affordable cost, which are easily integrated into the dashboard, thanks to their surprising design. They will not show a big difference with the audio systems we are used to, however in terms of space, It is even possible to hide them anywhere you want to place them. 

    There are options on the market that come preconfigured to be able to directly receive the output signal from the speakers of the sound source, and you can incorporate it into your equipment even under your seat, without many complications or major modifications to the system you already have. 



    A Digital Signal Processor, or DSP, is the best of computer science applied to improving Car Audio systems. 

    Once you know how an audio DSP works, you will be able to use intuitive software that will process your analog signal, converted into millions of bits that digitize your audio, maximize its quality and make the work of the rest of the components easier.

    It was time for applied computing to be interested in improving the performance of our car sound systems; without a doubt, DSP will give you everything you want from your favorite music.

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