Introduction to drivers or audio controllers

Introduction to drivers or audio controllers

on November 10, 2023

Every car audio fan knows very well that it is important to pay special attention to each element of it. One of the fundamental devices of the sound equipment are the drivers or audio controllers.

The excellence of your sound will depend on the equipment you choose, the location of its installation and the correct complementation with other devices. This way every element of your sound system will consequently reach a top performance. 

If you want to enhance your sound experience and have high-quality equipment, you must delve into the technological world. Therefore, it is crucial that you learn about the subject and understand the fundamental points about drivers. Throughout this article we will explain what an audio driver is, its various types and their respective functionalities. 



What is a driver? 

You've probably heard about drivers on numerous occasions, but you're not sure what they are or what their functionality is. Therefore, the first step is to understand what this device is. The driver or audio controller is a product that specifically reproduces voices. 


Types of drivers 


types of drivers


After understanding the importance of drivers, we must know the different types of audio drivers and their particular functionality. Drivers can be differentiated according to the different frequency ranges they produce. Under this characteristic we can classify drivers into three categories: squawker or midrange, woofer and tweeters. 

Learn below the main differences of each type of driver:

Squawker or midrange 

The squawker driver, also called midrange, is responsible for reproducing medium frequencies. This type of driver is designed to transmit sounds ranging from 150 Hz to 5 Hz. The term squawker derives from the sound produced by larger birds. This type of driver is crucial for reproducing familiar sounds such as the human voice and is usually found in multi-driver speakers. 


This type of driver specializes in reproducing low frequency sounds. These devices range from 40 Hz to 1 kHz. The name woofer comes from the deep barking of dogs. The woofer drivers are optimized to handle bass frequencies and transmit low-end audio effectively. 




The last category is the tweeter driver, it is designed to reproduce high frequency sounds. In this case, the sounds they reproduce usually range from 4 kHz to 20 kHz. The name tweeter of these devices comes from the high-frequency sound emitted by some birds. These devices are optimized to provide clear and detailed reproduction of sounds in that range.


Each of these names designated to each type of driver makes it easy to differentiate the functions of each driver and the frequencies they reproduce. Another important differentiation of these drivers is their size. When reproducing low frequencies at appropriate sound pressure levels, drivers with 6-inch cones and above are needed. 

On the contrary, the reproduction of high frequencies requires reduced sizes to vibrate at the required speed. Knowing the different types of drivers and their functionality is very important. This will allow us to use the correct devices, otherwise, the audio driver used in the wrong range will not work properly and may even be damaged.

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Having an efficient stereo in your car is not as simple as it seems. Taking your listening experience to the next level requires various factors and elements. Drivers are undoubtedly a crucial device to maximize your car audio. This element is responsible for reproducing the corresponding frequencies and providing high quality sounds. 

Before installing your audio equipment you must learn about the subject and enhance the capacity of your speakers. If you are not an expert on the subject, the ideal is that you seek advice to obtain quality sound and protect the condition of your equipment. 

At Genius Audio we have a team of experts focused on providing you with the best user experience. In addition, we provide high-quality and reliable equipment. We always seek innovation in order to make the most of technological advances to satisfy the needs of our clients. Day after day, we perfect our products to meet the demands of fans of good sound. 

If you are looking for a high-quality sound system for your car, visit us and enhance your experience. 

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