Types of car audio speakers

Types of car audio speakers and their characteristics

on October 17, 2022

Probably we all like to travel listening to music. Getting in the car and listen to the surround music, usually helps us to concentrate better on the road and, at the same time, avoid the stress form the road´s noise such as; honks, other vehicles, street vendors and many other noises that can give us a headache and increase stress.

However, the car´s original audio system is not always the best... and much less so if we buy a simple car with no gadgets and a person with no experience or technical knowledge installs only a commercial stereo.

You could be unpleasantly surprised to hear interference, or notice that the sound is better perceived in the back seats than in the front (or vice versa), or even that you run out of sound when going through a speed bump.

To avoid these and other scenarios, today on the Genius Audio blog we will tell you about the different types of audio speakers, which will help you choose the best option for your car.


But… what are audio speakers?

Speakers or loudspeakers are electronic equipment that have the ability to reproduce sound by transforming the electrical signal into sound waves. In general, we can choose them for their power, number of days, the frequency ranges they reach, the distortion they generate, among other elements.

Types of speakers

Coaxial Speakers

They are multi-way (or frequency) loudspeakers that are mounted on the same axis. They are usually made up of a main speaker, a woofer to reproduce bass sounds and other secondary speakers that reproduce mid and mid-high sounds.

The main advantage of car audio coaxial speakers is that they have a small and compact size, which allows them to be easily installed in the rear of cars of all types without having to do additional modification or installation.

This allows the bass and treble sounds to come from the same source to generate a homogeneous, harmonious sound in which all the instruments are appreciated as one.

Full range speakers

The midrange speakers that provide a range of frequencies with optimal performance are the full range speakers. Its purpose is to emit the full range of frequencies perceived by the human ear, with the exception of the deepest sounds.

They are made up of a cone that reproduces the electrical impulses received by the coil and that, at the same time, cover the audio spectrum above 100Hz. This means that the sounds are clear, reliable and that they manage to cover other noises that can become annoying, especially when driving.

 Mid range speakers by Genius

Midrange speakers

They are speakers known as mid-range since they reproduce medium frequencies. Its size may be small or large, but its purpose is the same.

The advantage is that they have the ability to reproduce sound with low distortion, since they handle the most significant part of the audible sound spectrum, such as the human voice. If you are a podcasts fan, the morning news, or even audiobooks, these speakers are a must for you, as they will give you a spectacular experience.

Mid-range speakers are often found in 3-, 4-, or more-way systems, and you want to make sure they're of the highest quality so you always hear the best sounds.


The woofer is a speaker that reproduces low frequency ranges. The lower the frequency, the more air is passed through the speaker system at slow speed, thus providing a more audible sound.

Some people use the woofer as a general speaker, with an acceptable but not optimal sound, and much less spectacular since the sounds can be distorted.

However, subwoofers can also be used for sounds between 20 and 200 Hz in frequency, without losing volume or sacrificing sound quality.

Tweeters Speakers

They are special loudspeakers for high frequencies, with treble sounds from 4 to 20 Hz. They are the most used in higher fidelity audio systems, and are usually small in size, light and rigid, but very powerful.

Dome tweeters deliver enhanced, dynamic sounds at a flatter level, with less power difference at different frequencies, and have the advantage of not distorting. They are the small version of the woofers.

Where to buy the best speakers for my car?

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Types of car speakers by Genius

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