Pro-Audio SPL modes

Pro-Audio SPL modes

on February 10, 2023

Having an excellent quality audio is not an easy thing to achieve, especially when it comes to car audio. One of the most important factors is the Sound Pressure Level or SPL, which is basically an objective measurement of the sound level expressed in numerical terms.

In this new blog, we will explain to you what SPL is, how it is measured. Furthermore, we will give you some recommendations for achieving the best quality audio in your car.

What is SPL in car audio?

SPL is a complex and difficult concept to deal with. It consists of the sound pressure level, which is the average change in atmospheric pressure caused by sound. The unit of measurement used for pressure is the pascal (Pa), while the unit of measurement for sound is the decibel (dB), therefore, the SPL is measured in dB which is dimensionless and relative. Another important concept is the measurement of noise as instantaneous, maximum, and peak.

The calculation of the sound pressure level is the pressure level of a sound which is the relationship between the absolute sound pressure and a reference level of sound in the air. When measuring, the air is taken as a reference with a value of 20 x the Log 10 of the relationship between the path mean square of the sound pressure and the sound pressure reference.

When measuring, the air is taken as a reference with a value of 20 x the Log 10 of the relationship between the path mean square of the sound pressure and the sound pressure reference.

This means that the sound pressure level is expressed as 20 times the decimal logarithm of the ratio of the sound pressure to the determined reference pressure.

Overall, it can be summarized that the sound level is the sound intensity expressed in dB, which varies between 0 dB and 120 dB. This range is the level that should be considered as the maximum volume since that´s where the threshold begins for people who are being exposed to this sounds.

How is SPL measured?

As in other sound measurements, a sound pressure meter is used, which is usually a sound level meter. Sound enters the device through a microphone and the meter evaluates the sound waves converting them into electrical information which will be transformed into measurement values ​​in decibels.

What is SPL in car audio

These measurement devices are portable, mobile, and lightweight, so measurements can be taken from both inside and outside the vehicle to have accurate data where noise level may be causing a problem, and if necessary, taking some action to mitigate the damage. For example, complaints from neighbors who are being bothered by the noise or potential competitors wanting to improve the quality and sound level in the case of participating in car audio competitions.

SPL and car audio competitions

In competitions there is a category of SPL, where the maximum intensity or volume of the car's sound system is evaluated. The SQ category is the one in which the acoustic quality achieved by the equipment is evaluated.

In many competitions, they are analyzed separately, but in others they integrate both into the SPL-SQ category. This way, they can easily evaluate that the audio equipment has a good intensity or volume, without losing acoustic quality or vice versa: that the equipment has good acoustic quality without losing intensity when the volume is turned up.

Where to buy sound equipment for my car

Recommendations to comply with SPL and SQ parameters

As mentioned in previous blogs, to have quality sound you need both the choice of quality equipment and a correct installation, where the wiring is well distributed, do not interfere with the battery, and have wire protectors to Isolate them from possible contact with metals, or with accidentally spilled liquids.

Another recommendation is choosing a suitable subwoofer for car audio. These can be powered, passive, or amplified; powered subwoofers have their own power source, while passive subwoofers use the car's system receiver to receive power.

Boosted subwoofers allow you to adjust the sound and filter out high frequency sounds for better sound quality, thus influencing the SPL. Remember that the purpose of the subwoofer is to reproduce the low frequency sounds (from 20 Hz to 100 Hz) that conventional speakers cannot reproduce on their own: low thumps, thunder and explosions are the sounds that fall into that frequency level.

On their regard, powered subwoofers have an integrated amplifier, therefore, they reproduce low frequency sounds with no distortion at all vs other speakers. They are ideal because they use little space, reproduce sounds without distortion, and allow a better appreciation of music, which will also improve the SQ value. You can check these models of amplified subwoofers that we have at your disposal on the following link.


Where buying sound equipment for my car?

If you are looking for the best sound quality, hand in hand with specialized advisors who will help you choose quality products for your vehicle, Genius Audio is the best option. With us you will find a wide variety of equipment such as: car audio amplifiers, audio dsp, tweeters, coaxials and more, manufactured with the highest standards of quality, power, and performance so that you only have to worry about playing your favorite music and enjoying it while driving.

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