Open Show trend, what is it and how to install it?

Open Show trend, what is it and how to install it?

on January 17, 2023

If you're a fan of car audio, you have most likely heard of the “Open Show". At first glance it seems to be the use of speakers to have powerful sound, whether for car shows or competitions, or simply for lovers of high definition and high-volume music in their car.

Today we will tell you what the Open Show in car audio and some tips on how to install it.

What is Open Show?

In car audio, Open show means choosing speakers with different purposes by placing them strategically for more sound power.

The Open Show equipment for cars is usually different from the traditional ones by having equipment of different frequencies. Among them you will be able to find mid-low, mid-range and high-mid speakers, drivers with diffusers of different sizes, super bullet tweeters for high sounds and turbo rebound boxes for low sounds.

In car audio, Open Show equipment has become very popular in the past years. The Open Show sound is also tested in contest, where sound quality, power and distance projection are evaluated. These tests are carried out with the vehicle's doors open.

Is the Open Show considered professional audio?

Yes. The use of Open Show equipment is considered professional audio because of the type of speakers it uses to obtain that powerful and high-quality sound. This professional line can be used to entertain massive events with high quality audio and especially with very high volumes. For this purpose, it is essential to have the best and highest quality of equipment properly installed to avoid any distortions.

What is an open show

Open Show speakers are usually 10 dB more sensitive than other equipment that are considered traditional. In car audio, 10 dB has a significant difference, and to the human ear it's perceived twice as loud. For this reason, the importance of the installation is even greater than in the traditional audio systems, since distortion can cause a lot of discomfort to the human hearing.

Recommendations for the installation of the Open Show

Many people choose buying pieces of equipment and installing them separately. Since Open Show equipment tends to be pricier than the traditional ones it can make the installation more complex.

Therefore, the first recommendation is not to install the pieces separately. You could buy the separate parts to equip the vehicle with components of the best quality. But the installation will start once you already have all the system´s components.

The Open Show equipment must be installed in the vehicle´s trunk. It is very important to make sure that your car is modified in the back seat in order to continue carrying the emergency equipment: spare tire, basic spare parts and first aid kit.  Many car audio fans usually make modifications to power the amps with an extra battery and alternator.

That´s the reason why many car audio fans are also fans of car tuning and make various aesthetic and functional modifications to their vehicles to have impressive vehicles with sound and a high-powered engine.

At the Open Show there are no written rules regarding the number of speakers or subwoofers to use. They can be chosen in any size and quantity, but the most important thing is choosing them for their performance and power.

In addition, you must have the exact measurement of the trunk of the vehicle so that you can choose the most suitable models. Don´t forget taking into consideration the pressure they support; the more amplifiers that are installed, the more the pressure will increase, and a phenomenon known as cone breakup can occur, which causes unwanted sound distortion.

It is a good idea having a design of the way your Open Show equipment will look, so that you can acquire the number of amplifiers, speakers, tweeters, and drivers you need, both to obtain the desired sound power and to have an aesthetic appearance worthy of participating in a competition.

how to install an open show

For this, you can be inspired by models on Pinterest, magazines or other competitors who have participated in car audio events and add their personal touch so that the result is not only aesthetic, but also reflects your taste and personality.

If you are a beginner in the car audio issues, we recommend that you go to an installation expert. That way, you will be getting the result you are looking for as well as getting the chance of turning your car into a candidate for competitions.

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