Importance of your audio wiring

Importance of your audio wiring

on October 26, 2022

If you are a music fan in your vehicle and you are an expert of both, cars and sound systems, you have probably realized that electronic systems are not the same as they were a few years ago.

Previously, cars were made of thick metal and had few electrical components. However, modern cars are lighter and have increasingly complex electrical systems, which are managed by computers, modules and sensors… all this has made even connecting a car amplifier more complex.

In this new publication we will tell you about the importance of the cables to connect your car audio, and we will help you identify the key points for a perfect connection.



The electric energy

When it comes to installing an amplifier there are two key tasks: getting a signal and feeding it with electrical power. In vehicles, the main power source is the battery, so it is important to detect the positive and negative terminals of the amplifier cable.

In addition to this, the choice of the place where the ground installation will be carried out is important in order to avoid hearing interference in the music. 

In general, it is usually recommended to place the amplifier about 90 cm away from the receiver to avoid possible distortions caused by the electrical system. Likewise, it is important not to place the amplifier on the metallic chassis to avoid the generation of unpleasant noises and reverberations.

One tip to consider is to run the amp wiring under the seat or in the trunk so it is cool and has room for the wiring connections.

audio wiring

Of course, before making the direct installation to the battery, make sure to turn off the car and remove all metal accessories to avoid an electric shock, which not only hurts your skin, but also damages the battery.

However, in many installations, secondary batteries with additional fuses are used to give the installation more security, and prevent an accident that affects the amplifier and the wiring. In this sense, the fuses are important to provide more protection and avoid failures in the passage of current. 


Signal integration

At the beginning of the article we mentioned the complexity in modern installations and the signal´s integration is the perfect example. Currently the sound equipment also includes connections with bluetooth and WiFi to make life more comfortable when driving, since they are complemented by voice commands. 

It is very important to check that the factory installation works properly together with the navigation instructions, bluetooth, WiFi (if you have it) and sensors, so that you can enjoy the best driving experience, not only for security purposes, but to enjoy a powerful audio system. 


Noise and reverberation prevention

Once again we emphasize the complexity of today's connections, as factory computers, sensors, data networks and modules can cause interference with the audio signals being sent to the amplifiers. To avoid this, the use of high quality equipment is essential.

Cables with twisted pair design and proper coatings prevent extraneous noise caused by close proximity to other systems. 


Wiring materials

In general, there are two options for wiring material for power and speaker: 

  • CCA. Copper clad aluminium. It is an economical cable that is made of aluminum and has a copper coating, making it an affordable option as it is light, flexible, easy to install, conducts electricity very well and can be used with standard copper terminals. However, its weakness is the aluminum oxidation and corrosion.
  • OFC. Oxygen free copper. It is a more expensive material, but more durable, resistant to corrosion and effective since copper is the second best conducting metal. Being oxygen free, the risk of rusting is very low, making it an investment that will last for many years.


Specialized installation

A good installation makes the difference between quality audio and music with interference. For this reason, we not only emphasize the importance of acquiring cables and equipment of the highest quality, but also approaching you with an expert installer.

audio car wiring installation

Remember that the cables will be installed on the battery and that small drilling, wiring and cable routing will probably have to be done in order to avoid short circuits or interference with other systems.

So, unless you are an expert in car stereo installation, we recommend you go to one, and verify that the entire process is carried out correctly in order to prevent long term failures. 


Where to buy what is necessary for my installation? 

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