Importance of a correct installation of the electrical system in car audio

Importance of a correct installation of the electrical system in car audio

on November 30, 2022

Are you a music fan? We all like listening to our favorite sounds in the car. Driving on the highway, or long distances throughout the city becomes a little more enjoyable by playing the music you like the most along the way.

However, you probably have noticed that something is missing, that the bass is not as clear, or that there are notes that are imperceptible, which prevents you from embracing the whole experience.

In general, these little inconvenient you come across when listening to music on your audio are usually due to incorrect installations. These can be avoided by carrying out a proper installation from the beginning, however approaching a professional installer it’s not the only thing you should take into consideration, buying the correct equipment for your car plays an important role as well.

The sound source, the system´s brain

Better known as the CD radio or multimedia player, it is the equipment that is responsible for reading digital music from any medium: USB, CD, SD card, Bluetooth connections with the smartphone or iPod, among other options. The sound source converts the music into an electrical signal to be heard on the speakers.

The signal to noise (S/N) ratio should be high to reflect the sound quality. This is reflected in digital to analog conversion bits and in the pre - out voltage if an external amplifier is used. The other two important concepts are time filtering and equalization, which are responsible for acoustic perception in the vehicle.

Speakers and their importance in sound

The speakers are the components that convert the electrical signal coming out of the amplifier into the music we end up listening to. They do this by converting the electrical signal into mechanical movement of the cone, which translates it into acoustic pressure variations and finally into audible sound.

electrical system car audio

When installing loudspeakers, it is key to consider the power, the number of tracks, the range of frequencies capable of reproducing, the impedance and the material of the cones. This last point is important in order to prevent sound distortions and frequency ranges: fiberglass, carbon and aluminum provide clearer sounds and less distortion than paper.

Power control on amplifiers

Certainly, having a powerful sound does not mean that you will burst your eardrums while driving. More power is not always the best, especially when it comes to car audio installation. Once again it is important to highlight the signal to noise ratio (S/N) quality together with the total harmonic distortion, a parameter that indicates a better sound quality the lower it gets. As for bass sounds, the damping factor is important, specifically in subwoofer amplification.

The Damping Factor: the higher it is, the better it will control the movement of the speaker in the bass sounds. Above all, the importance in subwoofer amplification.

 Soundproofing: essential in a correct installation

Soundproofing is key to correctly reproducing low and midrange sounds, eliminating resonances and distortions.It is usually done by using sheets of asphalt cloth inside doors.

Wiring as the soul of sound

Wiring is the most important part of the car audio since it is the one that connects all the components. Some of the requirements to determine the quality of the cables are:

  • The caliber and amperage of the cables, either power or signal.
  • Cables must be connected in the correct place and travel as straight as possible, avoiding them from going around or getting tangled.
  • Use protection when passing the cables through metal parts to avoid friction or safety risks due to a possible bare or defective cable. In addition, the use of cable protectors gives greater security to the entire power line.
  • Adjust the cable with plastic adhesive bases, zip ties or other options that allow the cable to be fastened throughout its entire route, from the rear, the engine area and the doors, so that the cables do not come loose and there are no security risks, but also no interference with the sound.

correct installation electrical system

As you can see, it does not matter if you use one or several amplifiers in case you have large subwoofers or a power supply connected to your smartphone. If the installation fails in any of the areas mentioned, you probably won't get the acoustic experience you were looking for when you bought your equipment.

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