Double coil subwoofer: What it is and how to install it

Double coil subwoofer: What it is and how to install it

on February 02, 2024

Double coil subwoofers are a type of speakers that allow installations in series or parallel. Its main function is to enhance the sound by reproducing two different signals without putting the rest of the equipment at risk.

This type of speaker brings multiple advantages for Car Audio fans, as well as many questions. In this post, we will tell you what double coil subwoofers are and how to install them. 


What is a dual coil subwoofer? 

 A dual-coil speaker is a type of speaker with two independent sections in the voice coil, that is, with two independent coils. These two coils can be connected in series or parallel. They even support independent connection, so you can connect just one of them or connect them to different amplifiers. As we can see, this type of subwoofer is very flexible and supports multiple uses. Here is one of its great advantages. 

On the other hand and due to their origin, this type of speaker aims to make the most of space and weight resources because they have the ability to reproduce two different signals with the same speaker. Additionally, this capability does not risk any part of the equipment, including the speaker. 


What is better, a double coil or single coil bass? 

Based on what you already know about dual-coil subwoofers, you may be wondering if you should upgrade your single-coil subwoofer to purchase this new component. Everything will depend on your budget and what your goals are with your sound equipment.

If you are looking for more cuts in the coiling and a “cleaner” and more defined sound, double coil basses are ideal for you. This is because the double coil allows different signals to be transmitted independently.

However, most speakers serve similar functions. Therefore, if you already have a single coil, this can be very useful. The main difference between these two types of speakers lies in the independence of the sound waves. While in one there is only one exit, in the other there are several. Therefore, the main change between these two is that of the final impedance. 


How does the double coil of a bass work? 

The double coil of a bass works according to what type of connection they have. That is, how they were configured according to the desired objective. Your connections may either look for power or “fighting” between the speakers: 

The moment a sound signal enters a coil, a magnetic field is created which reacts with the other permanent field of the magnet. If the same signal is introduced into another coil, the magnetic field is enhanced, therefore, you will obtain a greater reaction.

On the other hand, if the signals introduced are in opposite phases in each of the coils, the magnetic field will cancel out. This process does not affect the useful life of the horn, although its results are less favorable than in the previous case. 


How to connect a double coil subwoofer in series? 

To achieve the series connection of a double coil bass, you must follow two simple steps: 

  1. Connect the negative terminal of one of the coils to the positive terminal of the other coil. For this, it is necessary to have a cable of the appropriate gauge. 
  2. Measure with a voltmeter the total impedance to which the subwoofer is connected and analyze if it is close to the impedance supported by the amplifier. 

As we can see, the connection is similar to that of any subwoofer, with the objective of adding the impedance of each coil. The main factor to take into account is being able to respond to the impedance recommended by the amplifier.

To achieve the best performance, subwoofers in series should be close to the ohm rating supported by the amplifier. This allows you to avoid the risks caused by connecting the subwoofers incorrectly.In other words, they are responding below the measurement in ohms admitted by the amplifier. This will cause the amplifier to work below its impedance and can ruin its useful life. 



Double coil subwoofers are speakers that allow independent connections of each of the coils with the aim of achieving a more defined or enhanced sound. Its installation is very simple and can help you achieve professional sound in your Car Audio equipment.

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